Osama Diab

Osama Diab is an Egyptian-British journalist and blogger who lives between his two favourite metropolises: Cairo and London. He writes about the religious, social, political and human right issues of Egypt and the Middle East.


Gamal Mubarak's get-rich-quick scheme

Egypt's economic paradox: Income equality v wealth inequality

لماذا لا يدان الفساد في مصر؟

مواجهة الفساد والعدالة الانتقالية

Sun, sand and tax “holidays”

Egypt's return of the “noble” outlaws

De paradox van de Egyptische revolutie

كيف يمكن لنجاح  الثورة المصرية أن يُفشِلها؟

Tahrir Square: For the sake of the forsaken

News of revolution (part III): Televising the life and death of an Egyptian president

News of revolution (part II): Voice of the Arabs or Nasserist mouthpiece?

News of revolution (part I): How the nascent print media gave birth to Egyptian nationalism

The Mubarak regime's legalised robbery

Policing the beard

Egypt's Mursi and the risk of friendly fire

The paradox of military-backed civilian rule

Social media and the end of nationalism as we know it

Revolution: the ‘third way' in Egypt

Egyptian presidential election: Who should the revolution vote for?

Egyptian football violence: Between hooliganism and state thuggery

Sarah Palin v Queer Theory

The Egyptian revolution as a historical event

Religious rites and wrongs

Egypt must learn from 1952

Egypt's middle-class cyberheroes



Islamist-driven democracy is not a snowball in hell

The danger of an elected dictatorship in Egypt

Indiana Hawass and the pharaoh's curse

Rejected by the right, Western Muslims are only left with the left

David Miliband: revolution v extremism

Atheists: Egypt's forgotten minority

No online way out

Hostility to the West may shape Egyptian politics

The fall of Egypt's symbol of progressive Islam

Egypt's counter-revolutionary bogeyman

New Egypt, new media

The Muslim Brotherhood: empowered by its weakness


Political idealism triumphs over Egypt's cruel political reality

Why Mubarak shouldn't stay until September

The Jasmine Revolution

America's missed opportunity in Egypt

Egypt's regime of self-preservation

The mother of all clashes

Just say moo

Egypt hires PR firm to revamp its image

Egypt's heartless economic growth

‘Collaborator!' – a charge that has plagued Egypt

Religious freedom at stake in Egypt

Make Ramadan torture-free in Egypt

I say you want a revolution, Egypt

The freedom of non-expression

Overplaying Egyptomania

We don't need no segregation

By bread alone

Egypt's uneasy political truce

Egypt's online struggle for democracy

The tunes of change

Egyptian football's pious turn

Israel's welcome barrier

Diagnosing the Middle East's ills

Should America fear a democratic Egypt?

A brother and a scholar

Tips for survival

Honour: Made in China

Is Mubarak really a force of stability?

The fast and the furious

The Arab Republic of Investment

Egypt: Power has already been transferred

What's love got to do with it?

Egypt: a society of taboos

People of the border


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