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The ghettoisation of Danish politics

By Khaled Diab The Danish government plans to force minorities out of what it classes as “ghettos”, but its Denmark’s mainstream that needs to escape its ghetto mentality. Friday 13 July 2018 While America separates migrant children from their parents…

Arabic: The language of confusion?

If an Arab says he’ll kill you, don’t worry – he wants to buy you dinner. Whether Arabic dialects are a single language is politcal, not linguistic.

De lijm die België bijeenhoudt

De nationale voetbalgekte verbergt de realiteit dat België al twee staten is. Ik gebruik mijn stem als lijm die kan helpen om België samen te houden

Buying camel’s milk in Arabic

Conversing about camel’s milk may not be the most useful Arabic to learn, but learning the language can open up the Arab world to Europeans.

Israel’s Wizard of Oz on the anarchy of Jewish civilisation

By Khaled Diab Israeli novelist Amos Oz believes that Jewish civilisation is founded on dissent and non-conformity, but how true is this? Thursday 27 September 2012 Although there wasn’t a yellow-brick road in sight, the voice of Judy Garland singing…