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Anzac Day: Digging beneath the myth of the unruly Australian digger

Despite their reputation for being undisciplined and insubordinate, Australian soldiers who fought in World War I, known as ‘diggers’, were fiercely courageous and disciplined where it mattered – on the battlefield. These rebels with a cause would play a pivotal role in defining modern Australian identity.

The sound of religious discord

We need to reach a future in which the religious freedom of Muslims who wish to hear the call to prayer does not infringe upon the peace of mind of non-Muslims and non-practising Muslims.

Reweaving Palestinian tradition

Untha is a rare Jerusalem-based label which reimagines traditional Palestinian fashions for the 21st century and pays tribute to Palestinian women.

Invading Europe without invaders

Any objective observer can see that the refugees of today are not the invaders of history. So why are so many Europeans afraid of refugees?

The ghost of conflicts past, present and future

With all the wars and conflicts raging in the Middle East, collective trauma carries very serious consequences for the region.