Egyptian revolution@1: the first year in review

Photo by Gigi Ibrahim

The Arab media paradox

February 2012 – Despite the general Arab decline in the press freedom rankings, the region's media have, in many ways, actually become freer.

Egyptian football violence: Between hooliganism and state thuggery

February 2012 – The deadly battle of Port Said may be another attempt to make a return to a police state the most attractive option for .

Foreigners without an agenda

January 2012 – State-sponsored conspiracy theories have been bad for foreigners in Egypt. But Egyptians must not succumb to xenophobia and must be open to the world,  warns Mariya Petkova.

Sex and the citizen in Egypt and America

January 2012 – Fundamentalists in America and Egypt are obsessed with “virtue “and “vice”. But the rise of Islamists threatens to bind Egyptian women in a moral vice, writes Khaled Diab.

The Egyptian revolution as a historical event

January 2012 – In the social media age, revolutions will no longer be followed by the constructing of a national identity based on just one “universal” truth, argues Osama Diab.

التغلب على الخوف، الخطوة الاولى لنساء مصر

قبل الثورة لم يكن سهلا ان نتخيل نساءا تتحدى سلطة الاب او الزوج وتخرج للتظاهر لكننا وجدنا نساءا واجهن الموت والخوف ,وتلك هى الخطوة الاولى لمواجهة اى غبن

The Egyptian army's mutiny against the people

January 2012 – Egypt's junta and its army of collaborators have betrayed the , but the people will rise again, writes Wael Eskandar.

Egypt must learn from 1952

January 2012 – Like in 1952, the army is trying to silence opposition with the Muslim Brotherhood's help. But can the Tahrir mentality stop history from repeating?


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