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White extinction and the mythical menace of multiculturalism

By Khaled Diab Despite the paranoid conspiracy theories and fear-mongering of the extreme right, cultural diversity is a beautiful and wondrous thing. Vlaams Belang’s Tom Van Grieken holds up a sign reading ‘Hospitable but not mad’. Image: Vlaams Belang, Flickr…

The heroes fighting online hate speech

By Christian Nielsen Donald Trump’s latest impeachment throws a spotlight on the politics of grievance, the role of social media and the dangers of hate speech spilling over into real life. Fortunately, the pushback has started. Image: Jon Tyson, Unspash…

The downfall of Donald Trump

By Rebekah Crawford There was a certain poetic justice to Donald Trump’s undoing. I’d even call it Shakespearean. Image: Tyler Merbler 13 January 2021 On 6 January 2021, the Trump era ended spectacularly, in the dark carnage Trump alluded to…

Islam for Donald Trump and the politically incorrect

Mr Trump, if you really want to know “what the hell is going on” with Islam, I invite you and all the other bigots out there to join me on a mind-expanding journey through Islam(s), passing through the main thoroughfares and back alleys of history, society, culture, politics, theology and, above all, people.

Donald Trump: Universal scapegoat

Donald Trump is possibly the worst American president in history, but that does not give the rest of the political establishment a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to taking responsibility for the mess the world is in