The Working Dead

October 2016 – Save yourself before the Working Dead consume you!

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 4 – Drowning in a sea of dashed dreams

October 2016 – “I fully expect to be escorted off the ship and onwards towards oblivion, first in a prison cell in Israel and then in the prison of Gaza… But then…”

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 3 – Shipwrecked delusions

September 2016 – My body is seized by an overwhelming fit of shivering of epileptic proportions… “Don't move,” a male voice commands, rather unreasonably, from amid the nervous crowd of weapons.

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 2 – Breaking out of the fish bowl

September 2016 – We live in a fish bowl. It would be more likely for a pink elephant to fall out of the sky than for me to get Faris alone somewhere. But the pink elephant somehow managed to land right next to me.

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 1 – Hell from the heavens

August 2016 – Poetry and song talk of soaring free as a bird, but the heavens are where hell resides. People talk of taking wing, but, me, I'd rather take fin, be free as a fish.

Us old guys

December 2014 – “We never regret. Us old guys never regret.” They both chuckled and gave a nod of goodbye.

Don't, don't, don't!

September 2014 – Don't verbalise! Don't try to be clever! Don't try to organise me! Don't sort things out! Don't stop fights!


June 2014 – I ask if he is making … She tells me he has black skin, lifting her arm to show me in case I don't comprehend the significance.

The box

May 2014 – Andrew knew the first time he opened the box that it would lead to no good. But he did it anyway. He couldn't help it.

فى الفلك: حوار ثوري مع جاليليو الصغير

 يونيو 2013 – تعالى أسألك سؤال مجننى، يا جاليليو. أزاى القانون يمنع الناخب اللى عليه أحكام أنه يمارس حقه ويدى المرشح اللى أدين فى قضايا أغتيال أوأرهاب الحق أنه يترشح

Diary of Dictator M, aged 82¾: fight, not flight

February 2011 – In the second leaked extract from his secret diaries, President M is enraged by what he sees as an unpresidented act of cowardice and treachery.

Diary of Dictator M, aged 82¾: a panicked call for Tunisia

February 2011 – In the first leaked extract from President M's diaries, he calms an alarmed fellow dictator in Tunisia.


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