The rise of far-right politics on both sides of the Atlantic

On KALW's weekly round table, Khaled Diab took part in a radio debate on the rise of far-right on both sides of the Atlantic following the ‘' victory in the .

This week, KALW's Media Round Table discussed coverage of the US mid-term . What role did the media play in shaping the conversation about the elections? The programme also talked about rise of right-wing political parties in .  Your Call iq hosted by Rose Aguilar.

Arthur Delaney, reporter with The Huffington Post

Khaled Diab, a journalist and writer who works in the Belgian and capital Brussels. He writes a regular column for The Guardian and also freelances with other publications.

Davey D, a nationally recognised journalist, syndicated talk show host and radio programmer with Hard Knock Radio on KPFA

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  • Khaled Diab

    Khaled Diab is an award-winning journalist, blogger and writer who has been based in Tunis, Jerusalem, Brussels, Geneva and Cairo. Khaled also gives talks and is regularly interviewed by the print and audiovisual media. Khaled Diab is the author of two books: Islam for the Politically Incorrect (2017) and Intimate Enemies: Living with Israelis and Palestinians in the Holy Land (2014). In 2014, the Anna Lindh Foundation awarded Khaled its Mediterranean Journalist Award in the press category. This website, The Chronikler, won the 2012 Best of the Blogs (BOBs) for the best English-language blog. Khaled was longlisted for the Orwell journalism prize in 2020. In addition, Khaled works as communications director for an environmental NGO based in Brussels. He has also worked as a communications consultant to intergovernmental organisations, such as the EU and the UN, as well as civil society. Khaled lives with his beautiful and brilliant wife, Katleen, who works in humanitarian aid. The foursome is completed by Iskander, their smart, creative and artistic son, and Sky, their mischievous and footballing cat. Egyptian by birth, Khaled's life has been divided between the Middle East and Europe. He grew up in Egypt and the UK, and has lived in , on and off, since 2001. He holds dual Egyptian-Belgian nationality.

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3 thoughts on “The rise of far-right politics on both sides of the Atlantic

  • KhaledDiab

    Yes, I noticed that, too! 😉 In the heat of being on air, I suppose she didn’t quite realise the difference between defining and non-defining relative clauses.

    I’m not familiar with Shirley Steinberg’s work, so I’ll have to look it up. I wa…s referring to Jack Shaheen’s ‘Reel Bad Arabs’. more

  • Barry van Driel

    I listened- nice interview Khaled.

    But the host constantly refers to you as ‘a columnist for the Guardian in Brussels”. Hmmmm, last I knew the Guardian is in the UK.

    By the way, I think you were referring to Shirley Steinberg’s study of 17 films that had a ‘sufficient depiction of Muslims and or Arabs). There were sim…ply not many more than that. And how many had positive depictions of Arab/Muslim men: zero, zilch, none. So pretty dire.

    Via Facebook

  • Rachel Shabi

    Go Khaled:)

    Via Facebook


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