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Photo: ©Boštjan Videmšek

Uganda’s refugee crisis, part 2: The world’s largest refugee camp

July 2017 – Uganda’s open door policy has created Bidibidi, the world’s largest refugee camp, of which few outsiders have heard. The strain of housing so many refugee has placed an unbearable strain on this poor country, yet no help is forthcoming.

Uganda’s refugee crisis, part 1: “Back home, all we could hear were guns and screaming”

June 2017 – Northern Uganda houses more refugees than entered the European Union during the peak of the “refugee crisis”. And Uganda has only 8% of the EU’s population and a fraction of its resources.

When you’re a collector… don’t give too much away

April 2017 – Collecting may seem like a harmless hobby but it allows others to gather a whole lot more about us than we let on or probably even know.

Old Kingdom Egyptian princess Nefertiabet (2590-2565 BCE) from her tomb at Giza.
Source: Wikipedia

Feminism’s Egyptian roots

March 2017 – Women’s liberation is generally believed to have started in the West but the roots of female emancipation go back millennia, to ancient Egypt.

Mosul in my heart

February 2017 – The Mosul I have always loved, whose sky was our protective shield, has been replaced by an alien city of death, destruction and destitution.

Photo: ©Jure Eržen/DELO

Trapped inside Fortress Europe

January 2017 – The plight of the 63,000 refugees and migrants still marooned in Greece should give Europeans pause for thought.

Donald Trump’s terrifying Middle East playbook

January 2017 – America’s decision to democratically elect a dictator has Middle Eastern reformers bewildered, but the region’s despots are celebrating Donald Trump’s victory – a sure sign of troubling times ahead.

Egypt’s Christians in the cross-hairs

December 2016 – The bombing of St Peter’s Church in Cairo exposes the growing vulnerability of Egypt’s Christian minority and the increasing mainstreaming of extremist Islamist discourse.

Popular radio host Laura Ingraham’s suspected Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention.

White supremacy’s inferiority complex

December 2016 – For an ideology which claims to stand at the pinnacle of humanity, white supremacy exhibits a paranoid sense of inferiority and persecution.

Should the adhan go back to its unplugged roots? Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Should the adhan go back to its unplugged roots?
Photo: ©Khaled Diab

The sound of religious discord

November 2016 – We need to reach a future in which the religious freedom of Muslims who wish to hear the call to prayer does not infringe upon the peace of mind of non-Muslims and non-practising Muslims.

What happens when science fiction crosses into science fact?

November 2016 – Cloaking devices are the stuff of magic realms and deep-space exploration, not real life. Think again! Making photonic chips invisible to one another could pave the way to computing at the speed of light.

A sneak peak inside Sisi's fridge.

A sneak peak inside Sisi’s fridge.

Sisi’s fridge and Egypt’s frosty economy

November 2016 – A gaffe by Egypt’s president about his refrigerator reveals just how much Egyptians have cooled towards Sisi and his chilling economics.

Gamal Mubarak’s get-rich-quick scheme

November 2016 – How can you make a return that is 12,000 times greater than the initial “investment” in under a decade? Ask Gamal Mubarak.

Multilingualism: The power of Babel

November 2016 – Speaking foreign languages broadens our horizons and can act as an antidote against toxic xenophobia.

working-dead2The Working Dead

October 2016 – Save yourself before the Working Dead consume you!

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

The case for non-violence in Israel-Palestine

October 2016 – Although violence is all too often the path of least resistance, Israelis and Palestinians urgently need to navigate a peaceful path out of the quagmire.

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 4 – Drowning in a sea of dashed dreams

October 2016 – “I fully expect to be escorted off the ship and onwards towards oblivion, first in a prison cell in Israel and then in the prison of Gaza… But then…”

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Israel declares war on peaceful activism

October 2016 – The Israeli government fears and combats peace and rights activists with greater gusto and urgency than armed extremists.

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 3 – Shipwrecked delusions

September 2016 – My body is seized by an overwhelming fit of shivering of epileptic proportions… “Don’t move,” a male voice commands, rather unreasonably, from amid the nervous crowd of weapons.

Syria and freedom from death

September 2016 – Where once Syrians struggled for the ideals of freedom, equality and dignity, the liberty that most counts in Syria today is the freedom from the fear of death.

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Podcast: Concrete canvas

September 2016 – Like the Berlin Wall and other political barriers, the Israeli wall has witnessed an explosion of protest art on its concrete canvas.

Najih Shaker al-Baldawi intercepted the attacker and hugged the suicide bomber tight, not out of affection for him but out of love for the strangers flocking to a local shrine.

Najih Shaker al-Baldawi intercepted the attacker and hugged the suicide bomber tight, not out of affection for him but out of love for the strangers flocking to a local shrine.

The generous of the earth in the most wretched of places

September 2016 – If you’re feeling dejected by the troubled times we live in, remember that human generosity lives on, even in the most wretched of places.