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Islam’s freedom of expression… and insult

707192-une-charlie-pngJanuary 2015 – Muhammad’s self-appointed defenders take offence on his behalf, but the prophet would’ve tolerated Charlie Hebdo and condemned the savage murders.

A scene from 'Tendid'.

A scene from ‘Tendid’.

Reel life in Palestine

Filmmakers are moving away from the headline conflict to shed light on real life in Palestine as lived by actual Palestinians, both real and fictional.

Europe’s invisible “Islamisation”

Ziryab is the most unsung cultural, style and musical icon in European history.

Ziryab is the most unsung cultural, style and musical icon in European history.

January 2015 – The murderous Paris attacks have reignited fears of “Islamisation”. But Islamic civilisation is encoded in Europe’s cultural and intellectual DNA.

Freedom of repression in Egypt

Januay 2015 – The Republic of Tahrir revolutionaries dreamt of an Egypt of freedom, but the only thing that seems free these days is the value of human dignity.

The language of Arab (dis)unity

January 2015 – The romantic myth that Arabs share “one heart and one spirit” led pan-Arabism to talk unity while walking the path of disunity.

Arabic: The language of confusion?

Photo: Aieman Khimji / Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Aieman Khimji / Wikimedia Commons

December 2014 – If an Arab says he’ll kill you, don’t  worry – he wants to buy you dinner. Whether Arabic dialects are a single language is politcal, not linguistic.

Egypt’s centuries-old leadership vacuum

Field Marshal Tantawi: Mubarak 2.0. Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Field Marshal Tantawi: Mubarak 2.0. Photo: ©Khaled Diab

December 2014 – Decades of authoritarianism and centuries of non-indigenous rule have led to a shortage of effective native leaders in Egypt, derailing the revolution.

The destruction of Mosul’s past, present and future

December 2014 – With ISIS’s destruction of Mosul’s heritage, it is no longer the “Pear of the North”. But it’s people will rise up and reclaim their ancient city.

Fiction: Us old guys

December 2014 – “We never regret. Us old guys never regret.” They both chuckled and gave a nod of goodbye.

Mosul’s lost diversity

December 2014 – The Islamic State’s (ISIS) destruction of Mosul’s ethnic diversity is more heart-breaking than the erasure of its architectural and cultural heritage.

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

A civil way out of the Israeli-Palestinian quagmire

November 2014 – How do you end the Israeli occupation without ending the occupation? Through a struggle for equal civil rights for Jews and Arabs.

Intimate enemies, future friends

November 2014 – As I cycle amid the growing cycle of violence, I believe peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians is plausible and possible.

Photo: ©Christian Nielsen.

Photo: ©Christian Nielsen.

Romania’s myths, legends, warts and charms

November 2014 – Romania defies many of the unflattering stereotypes associated with the country. To me, it shone because it doesn’t profess to be a shining light.

Intimate Enemies: Latest news

The latest on Intimate Enemies, Khaled Diab’s book of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, which explores the human lives behind the headline conflict.

Lost in confrontation in the Holy Land

November 2014 – As tensions mount, it’s hard to believe that Israelis and Palestinians share a lot in common – even the dreams of their great writers.

Photo: Hossam el-Hamalawy

Photo: Hossam el-Hamalawy

Sexual harassment and the medina

November 2014 – In Egypt, sexual harassment is a largely urban phenomenon fuelled by a sense of male powerlessness, insecurity and unrealistic gender ideals.

Political baggage and state insecurity at Ben Gurion airport

Six has been my unlucky number ever since the first time I visited Israel in 2007.

Six has been my unlucky number ever since the first time I visited Israel in 2007.

November 2014 – Ethnic profiling at Israel’s airport are not about state security but the insecurity of the state, and are an infringement of fundamental rights.

The ISIS disease in Mosul

October 2014 – For those who have refused to flee the Islamic State (ISIS), formerly close-knit Mosul has become a dangerous city robbed of its diversity and dignity.

The death throes of Arab thuggery

October 2014 – Arab civilisation has not collapsed but the thuggish political, economic and religious mafias dominating the region are dying violently.

A rebel without a pause

October 2014 – Khaled Diab, The Chronikler’s founder, is the 2014 Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist of the Year in the press category.

The Syrian Kurd who went blind because he’d seen too much

A Kurdish boy in a mosque in Suruc. Photo: ©Boštjan Videmšek

A Kurdish boy in a mosque in Suruc. Photo: ©Boštjan Videmšek

October 2014 – From the man literally blinded by horrors to the girl whose dream is to read books,  we meet the Syrian Kurds fleeing the ISIS onslaught on Kobani.

The social media’s Islamic state of terror

Prompted by social media, pro

Prompted by social media, pro

September 2014 – ISIS has skillfully manipulated social media as a powerful propaganda tool.  Should the online community self-censor to deprive it of free publicity?

Save the Nile Delta, President al-Sisi

Save the Nile Delta. Image: NASA

Save the Nile Delta. Image: NASA

September 2014 – Egypt would be much better off saving the sinking ship of the Nile Delta instead of building a white elephant Suez Canal II.

The dangers of a political crusade against Western jihadists

British aid worker Peter Haine is the latest Westerner to be executed by ISIS.

British aid worker Peter Haine is the latest Westerner to be executed by ISIS.

September 2014 – Inflammatory rhetoric and a solely punitive approach to Western jihadists is only likely to make matters worst, and could threaten multiculturalism.

Don’t, don’t, don’t!

September 2014 – Don’t verbalise! Don’t try to be clever! Don’t try to organise me! Don’t sort things out! Don’t stop fights!

Israel and Egypt’s insane alliance against Gaza

Photo: UNRWA

Photo: UNRWA

August 2014 – Despite Egypt’s mediating role, it is no impartial broker on Gaza. It shares Israel’s view that Hamas can be crushed and suffocated into submission.