Last updated: 29 September 2015

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This undercover jihadist practising taqiya to blend in with the infidel natives.

This undercover jihadist practising taqiya to blend in with the infidel natives.

The Islamic (re)conquista of the West

September 2015 – As a member of the advance guard sent out to plot the Islamisation of Europe, my mission is to pave the way for my migrant jihadi brothers and sisters.

Do the laws of nature apply to your career?

September 2015 – Just as people reach the very heights of their chosen careers, their job satisfaction begins  to dip. Is this an inevitable law of career physics?

Al-Aqsa: Spiritual battleground

September 2015 – For Muslims and Jews to share peacefully and justly the Holy Sanctuary/Temple Mount requires the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Socialising with the disabled: A guide for the perplexed

September 2015 – Out of awkardness, the able-bodied find it hard to deal with the disabled. The golden rule is to treat the handicapped like the normal people they are.

The West’s hidden tribalism

September 2015 – Tribalism and sectarianism afflicts Western societies too. So why is that they seem to be tearing the Middle East apart?

Photo: Jure Erzen/DELO

Photo: Jure Erzen/DELO

Syrian refugees: The civil rights movement of our time

September 2015 – Rather than threatening Europe’s way of life, refugees are, through their struggle, helping to preserve the most precious of European values.

A utopian refuge for refugees?

September 2015 – Can an Egyptian billionaires vision of turning a Mediterranean island into a just republic for refugees help solve the refugee crisis?

The Middle Eastern century that wasn’t

September 2015 – As the post-Ottoman order crumbles around us, would the Middle East would have been better or worse off had Turkey remained neutral during World War I?

Kicking ballHijabs and the beautiful game

September 2015 – Despite their conservative reputation, a growing number of veiled Muslim women are taking up football… and giving men a run for their money.

A Syrian ‘ode to joy’ on Europe’s border

Photo: © Jure Eržen

Photo: © Jure Eržen

September 2015 – A violinist’s inspired and impromptu choice of music at the Greek-Macedonian border tells us a lot about the Syrian refugee crisis.

The ghost of conflicts past, present and future

September 2015 – With all the wars and conflicts raging in the Middle East, collective trauma carries very serious consequences for the region.

Photo: ©K. Maes

Photo: ©K. Maes

Unholy war in the Holy Land

September 2015 – Despite what religious fanatics believe, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a “holy war” – far from it.

In Gaza, the sea holds the allure of escape from this maximum-security prison. Photo: ©Khaled Diab

In Gaza, the sea holds the allure of escape from this maximum-security prison.
Photo: ©Khaled Diab

From Gaza’s sinking boat to the Tahini Sea

August 2015 – Gazans Amer and Saleh felt “condemned to failure”, so they decided to escape to Europe. Sadly, their aborted endeavour ended in narrowly averted death.

Bostjan refugeesEurope’s collective refugee shame: How can it be?

August 2015 – How can it be that we Europeans greet the biggest refugee crisis in living memory with indifference, xenophobia and hostility?

Taxing questions about democracy in the Middle East

August 2015 – In the Middle East, there appears to be a link between autocracy and low taxes. Would higher taxation lead to greater representation or repression?

Image via Ahmed Namatalla

Image via Ahmed Namatalla

Sisi’s Suez moment

August 2015 – Suez Canal II is not about economics. It is a symbol of how President Sisi is supposedly navigating Egypt through narrow straits towards modernity.

One year on: The curing power of solar energy in Gaza

August 2015 – Gaza’s devastated infrastructure and fuel shortages cause avoidable deaths. A crowd-funded initiative will save lives with solar power in hospitals.

Photo: Jure Erzen/DELO

Photo: Jure Erzen/DELO

The long march from Syria to Europe

August 2015 – Joining Syrian refugees on their long trek to the EU, Boštjan Videmšek discovers how easy it is to lose faith in humanity and how hard to restore it.

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

Photo: ©Khaled Diab

The liberation of dance

August 2015 – “Dance is resistance. It’s the most refined way for us, the Palestinian people, to express our cause… Dance is a form of liberation.”

Pride and prejudice in the Holy Land

August 2015 – The rise in violent Jewish extremism shows how safeguarding justice only for a minority is leading to a situation of injustice for the majority.

عن تجربة اليونان المؤلمة ودروسها لمصر

يوليو 2015 – يوجد الكثير من الدروس المستفادة لمصر من أزمة اليونان الحادة

Starving the body to feed the cause

July 2015 – Hunger striking in prison taught Sulaiman Khatib a lot about his body, his mind and the importance of peaceful, non-violent activism.

The road to hell is paved with pious intentions

July 2015 – The ban on eating and drinking in public in some Muslim countries is wrong. Piety cannot and must not be imposed by law.

Sharif-HamamaOmar Sharif: Actor without borders

July 2015 – The late Omar Sharif was living, breathing, walking proof that there is nothing inherently irreconcilable between the Middle East and the West.