Last updated: 5 February 2016

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Egypt’s other Tahrirs

February 2016 – Tahrir may have been pacified for now, but the revolution is still playing out in Egypt’s economic and social squares.

These conscientious and courageous lifeguards take time off work to volunteer to save lives. Photo: ©Elio Germani

These conscientious and courageous lifeguards take time off work to volunteer to save lives.
Photo: ©Elio Germani

Lesbos: “No matter how hard you swim, you can never save all of them.”

January 2016 – Despite the massive efforts of volunteer lifeguards, refugees are losing their lives in the Mediterranean. Europe must act… and out of compassion.

ليست سورية هي المسألة، المسألة هي العالم

يناير 2016 – في لقاء موسع، يتحدث الكاتب والناشط البارز ياسين الحاج صالح هنا عن سوريا الماضي، الحاضر المأساوي والمستقبل المجهول.

Don’t get mad, get evidence

January 2016 – Companies which miss the opportunity to learn from a mistake compound it. For customers, high horses are tempting to ride, vindication is better.

Sexual harassment, Islam and the politicisation of women’s bodies

January 2016 – Sexual harassment in Cologne and elsewhere is not about Islam. It is about the patriarchy and the politicisation of women’s bodies.

Photo: ©Nidaa Badwan

Photo: ©Nidaa Badwan

Podcast: Palestine’s poster girls

January 2016 – The changing depiction of women in Palestinian political art reflects the shifting perceptions of their role and position in society.

irhab kababEgypt’s other Great Pyramid

January 2016 – The Mogamma, that high temple of Egyptian bureaucracy, will be shut down. Welcome as it is, this will not solve the underlying problem of “el-routine”.

Police_at_Sandy_HookAmerican extremism X

January 2016 – Despite all the hype, white supremacists and anti-government extremists are the main homegrown terror threat in the United States.

Israel’s six-state reality

January 2016 – Netanyahu must dismantle the six states within a state Israel has created and grant every Arab and Jew full equality.

Yassin al-Haj Saleh: “Syria is a unique symbol of injustice, apathy and amnesia”

January 2016 – In an exclusive interview, prominent Syrian writer and dissident Yassin al-Haj Saleh talks about Syria’s past, tragic present and uncertain future.

watanili 2Watanili: Helping Syrian children to rediscover childhood

January 2016 – Through art, film and education, Watanili is a grassroots initiatives which is working to give traumatised Syrian kids a dose of normal childhood.

Western Muslims: The neglected link

Rula Jebreal.

Rula Jebreal

January 2016 – Despite their under-utilisation and the suspicion they elicit, European and American Muslims can help bridge the chasm between “West” and “East”.

An ode to minorities

December 2015 – Rather than distrusted, marginalised or persecuted, minorities must be celebrated for the role they play in strengthening society and bridging chasms.

A political poster from 1971. Source:

A political poster from 1971.

When Palestinian women take up arms

December 2015 – The shock elicited by Palestinian women taking up arms is due to local sexism and orientalist stereotyping, not historical or social reality.

Flying under the radar of aviation history

December 2015 – A lad from the Australian bush ended up designing and building the slickest, quickest aircraft of the 1920/30s. How come nobody has heard of him?

magritte golcondeBrussels: Radicalism, surrealism and multiculturalism

December 2015 – In many ways, radicals in Brussels are more a product of the local language war than they are of global holy war.

In condemnation of “spiritual” atheism

December 2015 – Atheists do not “pray” and are not “spiritual”. I urge my fellow non-believers to halt the creeping spiritualisation of our creed.

ISIS and the mash of civilisations

November 2015 – Counterintuitive as it may sound, ISIS is proof that the clash of civilisations is a myth. The reality is that interests clash, while cultures mix.

Egypt’s borderline paranoia

November 2015 – My interrogation at the Egyptian border about my journalism and opinions is not about state security, but the insecurity of a paranoid state.

A man stands in front of mural in inner-city Brussels. Photo: ©Simon Blackley

A man stands in front of mural in inner-city Brussels.
Photo: ©Simon Blackley

The Brussels connection: Turning the tide on radicalisation

November 2015 – Belgium says it is working to combat radicalisation in Brussels. But is it doing enough to counter jihadist narratives and address exclusion?

UnthaReweaving Palestinian tradition

November 2015 – Untha is a rare Jerusalem-based label which reimagines traditional Palestinian fashions for the 21st century and pays tribute to Palestinian women.

Beyond the Arab winter

November 2015 – As the Middle East stumbles perilously close to its own “world war”, seeds of change are already sprouting hopes of a better century ahead.

MuftiThe Hitlerisation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

November 2015 – Netanyahu’s allegation that the mufti masterminded the Holocaust mark a troubling escalation in the Nazification of the Israeli-Palestinian war of words.

The UN’s Insecurity Council

November 2015 – The UN Security Council has a long track record of failing to resolve conflicts. Now it is also in danger of bringing the major powers to blows.

Orientalism for kids

November 2015 – Despite the racism contained in Tintin and other classic children’s tales, I believe that children should be exposed to them.



Saddam Hussein: Laughing in the face of tyranny

October 2015 – In light of the continuing legacy of  Saddam Hussein’s rule and the US invasion of Iraq, is it appropriate to stage a comedy about the former despot?