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Alt-jihad – Part II: Delusions of grandeur and persecution

April 2018 – In the second in a series of articles exploring the disturbing parallels between radical Islamic and White/Christian extremism, Khaled Diab examines the far-right’s dual sense of superiority and inferiority, as well as its persecution complex.

Alt-jihad – Part I: Dying to kill

March 2018 – In the first of a series of articles exploring the disturbing parallels between radical Islamic and White/Christian extremism, Khaled Diab examines whether far-right suicide attackers could become a phenomenon.

Image: ©Boštjan Videmšek

“Instead of protecting me, they treated me like a murderer”

March 2018 – In the two years since the EU’s inhumane deal with Turkey, the plight of traumatised refugees arriving on the Greek islands has worsened significantly. Instead of refuge, they are being offered prison.

Egypt’s 21st-century plagues

February 2018 – While the Egyptian regime battles for its survival, Egypt itself may not survive as a viable state, as it faces a ‘plague’ of potentially crippling environmental, economic and social challenges.

This protester spray paints the question: “What are you waiting for?”
Photo: ©Khaled Diab

The truth about Islamic reformations

January 2018 – Islam needs a reformation for Muslim societies to develop and prosper, is one of those rare convictions shared by both Islamophiles and Islamophobes. Tunisia has done just that: radically reformed its brand of Islam and established a vibrant democracy to boot, yet prosperity eludes it. Why?

Israeli pilgrim in Prophet Muhammad’s house

December 2017 – A visit by an Israeli Jewish blogger to some of Islam’s holiest sites has stirred up controversy and anger. But should it have?

Image: ©Boštjan Videmšek

Post-ISIS Mosul, pt 2: Home is where the hurt is

December 2017 – Despite the destruction, pain, trauma and dread for the future, Mosul’s tough and long-suffering are returning to the ruins of their devastated city.

Hypocrisy and the Holy Land

December 2017 – In their reactions to Donald Trump’s hypocritical Jerusalem declaration, many Arab and Muslims leaders have exhibited their own grotesque double standards.

Islam for Donald Trump and the politically incorrect

December 2017 – Mr Trump, if you really want to know “what the hell is going on” with Islam, I invite you and all the other bigots out there to join me on a mind-expanding journey through Islam(s), passing through the main thoroughfares and back alleys of history, society, culture, politics, theology and, above all, people.

Donald Trump: Universal scapegoat

December 2017 – Donald Trump is possibly the worst American president in history, but that does not give the rest of the political establishment a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to taking responsibility for the mess the world is in.

Based on photo by ©Boštjan Videmšek

Post-ISIS Mosul, pt 1: The final death of a city?

December 2017 – Its building turned to dust, its citizens traumatised and impoverished, Mosul may have been ‘liberated’ from ISIS but it has become a graveyard. Can this razed and devastated city ever be free again?

A US embassy in Jerusalem changes nothing and everything

December 2017 – Donald Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem changes nothing on the ground but everything on the horizon. It is the final death certificate of the peace process. Now it’s time for something completely different.

Economic recovery means little to Europe’s working poor

December 2017 – Europe is experiencing an economic recovery but many of the jobs being created a keeping people poor rather than lifting them out of poverty.

Just one of those unlucky lucky days

November 2017 – Unlucky days can sometimes turn out to be a different kind of lucky… the tortuous variety.

Foreign tourists vote to thump Trump’s America

October 2017 – Left without a say in the election of Donald Trump, a new breed of conscientious objectors are making their mark on the USA. Foreign tourists are voting with their feet and going elsewhere.

Give Donald Trump a Nobel prize

October 2017 – It is outrageous that the fake news media is not outraged that Donald Trump has been left empty handed at this year’s Nobel awards. This oversight must be rectified next year.

Angela Merkel: The ‘Arab’ chancellor

September 2017 – If Arabs could have voted, Angela Merkel would have won by a landslide, rather than the embattled situation she currently finds herself in following the shock gains scored by the far-right.

Photo: ©Jure Eržen

The adventures of Rami and his magic violin

September 2017 – Syrian Rami Basisah and his violin have been through hell and high water together. His childhood dream of becoming a world-famous musician is about to come true. But the trauma of losing is country means he cannot enjoy his success.

Muslim women in short skirts and the Tunisia paradox

September 2017 – Bombing Afghanistan will not bring back women in short skirts, rather it will only empower men in short skirts (beards and long trousers). The path to gender equality lies in internal reform, as Tunisia demonstrates.

Unsung death on the Nile – Part II

August 2017 – Arriving in Thatcherite Britain was a shock to mother’s leftist, post-colonial worldview, but she adjusted, managed to admire her new home and made friends from all walks of life.

Photo: ©Boštjan Videmšek

Greek island teaches Europe how to welcome refugees

August 2017 – The Greek island of Tilos has hosted more than seven times its population in refugees… and has done so with dignity, respect and with almost no external assistance.

Unsung death on the Nile – Part 1

August 2017 – Once the mother of our world departed, her ghost arrived, plunging me into the memory hole which grief opens up, where the past becomes its own present and the present morphs into a kind of phantom future.

Alia Malek

Dreaming of a vanished Syria

August 2017 – “A lot of Syrians are indulging in a nostalgia that requires a lot of denial,” says Syrian-American author Alia Malek. “This is why I’m a student of history, not to live in a fantasy but to learn why and how we are where we are today.”

Photo: ©Boštjan Videmšek

Uganda’s refugee crisis, part 2: The world’s largest refugee camp

July 2017 – Uganda’s open door policy has created Bidibidi, the world’s largest refugee camp, of which few outsiders have heard. The strain of housing so many refugee has placed an unbearable strain on this poor country, yet no help is forthcoming.