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The Arab media paradox: Free expression amid repression

Frustratingly for Arab dictators and despots, no matter how much they try to silence, intimidate or co-opt the media, new loud and critical voices emerge.

Freedom of repression in Egypt

The Republic of Tahrir revolutionaries dreamt of an Egypt of freedom, but the only thing that seems free these days is the value of human dignity.

The social media’s Islamic state of terror

ISIS has skillfully manipulated social media as a powerful propaganda tool. Should the online community self-censor to deprive it of free publicity?

The reel story of Egyptian Jewry

In telling the story of Egypt’s vanished Jewish community, a new documentary sheds light on a forgotten chapter of history.

Reading between the lines of the Middle Eastern media

Despite its bottom ranking in the Press Freedom Index, the Middle Eastern media is freer than it appears at first sight.

Disempowering Egyptian citizens

Despite its democratic aspirations, Egypt’s draft constitution excludes millions of Egyptians from enjoying full citizenship.

The Arab media paradox

Despite the general Arab decline in the press freedom rankings, the region’s media have, in many ways, actually become freer.

Revolution@1: Foreigners without an agenda

State-sponsored conspiracy theories have been bad for foreigners in Egypt. But Egyptians must not succumb to xenophobia and must be open to the world.

Arab spring and Turkish autumn?

Is Turkey truly a role model for the Arab Spring or is it actually a secular democracy in its autumn years?

Egypt: a society of taboos

Rather than encouraging people to make moral choices, religious groups in Egypt are imposing their values by law.