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    Osama Diab is an Egyptian-British journalist and blogger who lives between his two favourite metropolises: Cairo and London. He writes about the religious, social, political and human right issues of Egypt and the Middle East

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News of revolution (part III): Televising the life and death of an Egyptian president

Anwar Sadat was the first Egyptian leader to exploit television's propaganda power - and even his assassination was unwittingly televised.... Read more.

News of revolution (part I): How the nascent print media gave birth to Egyptian nationalism

The spread of print media in the 19th century played a profound role in shaping modern Egyptian nationalism and its quest for full independence.... Read more.

Egyptian presidential election: Who should the revolution vote for?

Egyptian revolutionaries dream of electing a president who emerged from Tahrir square, but should they vote for pragmatism or principle?... Read more.

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