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Egypt’s suicidal state

By Khaled Diab Events following the fall of Hosni Mubarak reveal that the Egyptian regime is on the path to self-destruction. 11 February 2021 After a turbulent decade of revolution and counterrevolution, Egypt appears to have revolved 360 degrees back…

Good riddance to Trump

With Biden elected, I am, like much of America, waking up from being in an abusive relationship, writes Rebekah Crawford. Sadly, millions of Americans did not mind Trump’s racism, corruption and abuse of power. Monday 16 November 2020 When I…

Dreaming of a vanished Syria

“A lot of Syrians are indulging in a nostalgia that requires a lot of denial,” says Syrian-American author Alia Malek. “This is why I’m a student of history, not to live in a fantasy but to learn why and how we are where we are today.”

The Mubarak enigma

The removal of Hosni Mubarak was likely the proudest moment in Egypt’s recent history, yet, five years on, some Egyptians miss the deposed dictator.