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Gaza’s endless catch-22s

By Khaled Diab Israel will not lift its blockade of Gaza until Hamas is removed from power, but Hamas will not fall so long as there is a blockade. This is just one of the many tragic, circular paradoxes in…

Sacrificing Gaza’s children

By Boštjan Videmšek Gaza’s traumatised children are paying the heaviest price for the endless wars raining down on them. Israel, Hamas and the international community have all failed them. Posing in Shuja’iyya. Photo: ©Khaled Diab Sunday 23 May 2021 Of…

Living in a nightmare: Gaza’s unending tragedy

Boštjan Videmšek Trauma, depression, destitution and hopelessness are the daily realities with which Gaza’s besieged population must contend. Sunday 8 December 2019 It all began with a savage detonation. It was still the dead of night, but the sky above…

Bad blood or blood libel: When is criticism of Israel anti-Semitic?

While critics of Israel can be anti-Semitic, many who criticise Israel harbour a deep respect of and love for Jews. Similarly, supporting the Jewish state is not necessarily a manifestation of philo-Semitism and can stem from anti-Semitic motives.

The Jerusalem embassy syndrome

The problem is not the new US embassy in Jerusalem. The problem is the reality which surrounds and underpins it.

Egypt’s 21st-century plagues

By Khaled Diab While the Egyptian regime battles for its survival, Egypt itself may not survive as a viable state, as it faces a ‘plague’ of potentially crippling environmental, economic and social challenges. Monday 12 February 2018 For those of…

Hypocrisy and the Holy Land

In their reactions to Donald Trump’s hypocritical Jerusalem declaration, many Arab and Muslims leaders have exhibited their own grotesque double standards.

A US embassy in Jerusalem changes nothing and everything

Donald Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem changes nothing on the ground but everything on the horizon. It is the final death certificate of the peace process. Now it’s time for something completely different.

The case for non-violence in Israel-Palestine

Although violence is all too often the path of least resistance, Israelis and Palestinians urgently need to navigate a peaceful path out of the quagmire.

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 4 – Drowning in a sea of dashed dreams

“I fully expect to be escorted off the ship and onwards towards oblivion, first in a prison cell in Israel and then in the prison of Gaza… But then…”