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  • Boštjan Videmšek

    Boštjan Videmšek is an award-winning freelance crisis reporter for leading Slovenian daily DELO and several European and US magazines. He has covered all the major international crises and wars since 1998. Videmsek is the author of eight books: 21st Century Conflicts. These include THE Last Two: The Battle to Save the Northern White Rhinos, Plan B: How Not to Lose Hope in the Times of Climate Crisis, Remnants of Wars, Revolt: Arab Spring and European Fall, and Ultrablues.

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Greek island teaches Europe how to welcome refugees

The Greek island of Tilos has hosted more than seven times its population in refugees... and has done so with dignity, respect and with almost no external assis... Read more.

Dreaming of a vanished Syria

"A lot of Syrians are indulging in a nostalgia that requires a lot of denial," says Syrian-American author Alia Malek. "This is why I’m a student of history, ... Read more.

Uganda’s refugee crisis, part 1: “Back home, all we could hear were guns and screaming”

Northern Uganda houses more refugees than entered the European Union during the peak of the "refugee crisis". And Uganda has only 8% of the EU's population and ... Read more.

Refugees trapped inside Fortress Europe

The plight of the 63,000 refugees and migrants still marooned in Greece should give Europeans pause for thought.... Read more.

Lesbos: “No matter how hard you swim, you can never save all of them”

Despite the massive efforts of volunteer lifeguards, refugees are losing their lives in the Mediterranean. Europe must act... and out of compassion.... Read more.

ليست سورية هي المسألة، المسألة هي العالم

في لقاء موسع، يتحدث الكاتب والناشط البارز ياسين الحاج صالح هنا عن سوريا الماضي، الحاضر �... Read more.

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