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The demographic dimension: The role of population growth in the Arab uprisings

By Khaled Diab Decades of unprecedented population growth have played a significant role in Arab regime repression, the two main waves of revolutions that swept the region, and the fierce counterrevolutions that followed. Friday 24 January 2020 Over the past…

Just one of those unlucky lucky days

By Christian Nielsen Unlucky days can sometimes turn out to be a different kind of lucky… the tortuous variety. Thursday 2 November 2017 One recent Saturday, the day after my birthday, as it happens, has officially become my unlucky, lucky…

Greek island teaches Europe how to welcome refugees

The Greek island of Tilos has hosted more than seven times its population in refugees… and has done so with dignity, respect and with almost no external assistance.

The Working Dead

Save yourself before the Working Dead consume you!

Don’t get mad, get evidence

Companies which miss the opportunity to learn from a mistake compound it. For customers, high horses are tempting to ride, vindication is better.

Do the laws of nature apply to your career?

Just as people reach the very heights of their chosen careers, their job satisfaction begins to dip. Is this an inevitable law of career physics?

One year on: Gaza’s hidden psychological ruins

It is not just the landscape that is scarred and devastated, Gaza is an emotional and mental wreck teetering on the verge of psychological ruin.

ISIS’s war on women in Mosul

Before ISIS began targeting Iraq’s minorities and cultural heritage, it set to work veiling women in a new dark age, reversing decades of hard-won gains.

Egypt’s other revolution

Revolutionary disappointment in Egypt has concealed the ongoing social revolution whose shifting sands are likely to result in a political earthquake.

A graceful exit?

Exit interviews are ‘in’, but how trustworthy are they in today’s tough market? Is it like forced confession or can it ensure knowledge transfer?