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The downfall of Donald Trump

By Rebekah Crawford There was a certain poetic justice to Donald Trump’s undoing. I’d even call it Shakespearean. 13 January 2021 On 6 January 2021, the Trump era ended spectacularly, in the dark carnage Trump alluded to in his inaugural…

Island of despair

While the outrage of Europeans has been turned to Donald Trump’s wall and the handling of migrants at the border with Mexico, they ignore a humanitarian disaster closer to home. The EU has left Greece to handle the influx of refugees on its own and those stuck on Lesbos are living in abysmal conditions.

When Mariette met Mary

By Christian Nielsen The Virgin Mary appeared eight times to a child in Belgium and the rest is ‘alternative history’ Thursday 10 May 2018 On the eve of a quiet Sunday in January 1933, the young Mariette Beco saw the…