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Voting for Palestinian empowerment in Jerusalem

Despite the dogmatic reactions from the politically orthodox, Aziz Abu Sarah’s aborted mayoral bid is the latest manifestation of the Palestinian struggle’s shift towards a civil-rights movement.

Bad blood or blood libel: When is criticism of Israel anti-Semitic?

While critics of Israel can be anti-Semitic, many who criticise Israel harbour a deep respect of and love for Jews. Similarly, supporting the Jewish state is not necessarily a manifestation of philo-Semitism and can stem from anti-Semitic motives.

Muslim women in short skirts and the Tunisia paradox

Bombing Afghanistan will not bring back women in short skirts, rather it will only empower men in short skirts (beards and long trousers). The path to gender equality lies in internal reform, as Tunisia demonstrates.

The Hitlerisation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Netanyahu’s allegation that the mufti masterminded the Holocaust mark a troubling escalation in the Nazification of the Israeli-Palestinian war of words.

Lost in confrontation in the Holy Land

As tensions mount, it’s hard to believe that Israelis and Palestinians share a lot in common – even the dreams of their great writers.

Fatwa fads

From fashion tips to adult breastfeeding – rulings by some clerics range from the eccentric to the downright bizarre.