Author: KhaledDiab


Billionaires and the welfare of nations

The super rich are leaving only the scraps for everyone else to fight over, which is fuelling a mounting wave of intolerance as minorities and migrants are scap... Read more.

Beyond belief: Arab atheists and their quest for acceptance amid intolerance

Atheists are amongst the most marginalised and persecuted minorities in the Arab world. Despite the risks atheists face from the state and vigilantes, atheism h... Read more.

Robust health systems are society’s first line of defence against pandemics

Belgium has long been written off as a dysfunctional and failing state, yet its response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been surprisingly functiona... Read more.

The demographic dimension: The role of population growth in the Arab uprisings

Decades of unprecedented population growth have played a significant role in Arab regime repression, the two main waves of revolutions that swept the region, an... Read more.

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