Marwa Rakha

Marwa Rakha is a 36-year-old, middle-class Egyptian girl who has managed, over the past 15 years, to make three career shifts. In 1996, she graduated from the faculty of Alsun – Ain Shams University – majoring in English literature.

Her first job was as a receptionist at an oil company, but shortly after she embarked on a career in marketing and public relations in the hospitality industry. Her last position was as director of marketing communications for a hotel chain known for turning moments into memories.

The first major move in her life was in March 2002 when she moved out of her parents' home. But 2005 was the turning point in her career path – her first published article came out in March 2005, while the first class that she taught at American University in Cairo was in May 2005 and the first training course that I conducted was in December 2005. For three years, she juggled several careers in hotels, teaching, training, writing, and TV.

The year 2008 saw others landmarks when Marwa moved into her own home in January, her first book came out at the beginning of February, she quit hotels at the end of the same month, she launched her Arabic radio show in May, she quit her segment on OTV the same month, she launched her English radio show in June, and quit training in December to become a full time media figure.

Now in addition to teaching marketing at AUC, Marwa is preparing her own TV show, hosts two radio shows, and writes for three monthly English language magazines, one monthly Arabic language magazine, one weekly Arabic newspaper, one hair care website, and Global Voices Online.

In August 2010, Marwa got pregnant and is now a full-time mum working from home as an online marketing consultant.

“I cherish all my careers and all the experience and exposure that made me who I am now, but writing is very dear to me – writing liberated me and helped me reconcile my past and my present,” she says. “Jennifer Anderson was my alias for two years and she has given me the strength that I needed to become comfortable in my own skin.”


No revolution for Egyptian women


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