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In September 2011, the Palestinian leadership plans to go to the to seek recognition for an independent on the pre-1967 borders in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. What will this bid mean for Palestinians, Israelis and the international community? Will this succeed or fail? Will this unilateral move serve the cause of peace or fan the flames of conflict? Will it improve the situation on the ground or make it worse? Where should happen post-September and where do we go from here?

Throughout the month of September and beyond, The Chronikler's special report features Palestinian, Israeli and other interested and knowledgeable voices who air their views on the significance and ramifications of the Palestinian quest to seek .

This page will be regularly updated with the latest articles on the subject, so do check back regularly.


Israelis for Palestine

4 October 2011 – Left-wing Israelis do not buy Netanyahu's scare tactics and look forward to living side by side with an independent Palestine.

Walking on the moon in Ramallah

30 September 2011 – As an Israeli and a Jew, Ramallah once seemed to be as distant as outer space. So joining the crowds celebrating the Palestinian UN bid was like a small step for a man but a giant leap for my mind.

A civil compromise to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

29 September 2011 – With the Palestinian bid to join the UN likely to get them nowhere, there is a more civil way out of the impasse that will give both Israelis and Palestinians what they want.

From national to civil rights

8 September 2011 – As the two-state solution enters its final death throes, it is time for campaigners to switch their demands to equal rights in a single democratic state.

Too few cooks spoil the peace

8 September 2011 – The asymmetry in power between Israelis and Palestinians and the exclusion of key players mean that the quest for UN recognition of an independent Palestine is like the icing on an uncooked cake.

A Palestinian Masada

6 September 2011 – Are Palestinian plans to go to the United Nations a case of passing the political hot potato, reinventing the Oslo process or a hopeless last stand?

Last chance for the two-state solution

6 September 2011 – If the UN bid fails to resurrect the peace process, Israelis and Palestinians will be left with no choice but to find other ways to live together.

From the archives

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Race against space

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Reinventing the Palestinian struggle


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