‘If we go away… but if you stay’ – a duet by the Egyptian army and people

By Khaled Diab

In a classic political duet, General Sisi sings ‘If we go away’, while the Egyptian people respond with ‘If you stay’.

Saturday 13 July 2013


‘If we go away’, by General Sisi

If we go away, on this Spring day

Then we’ll take all your sunshine away

Yes, if you stray, we’ll make you pay

Like no people have paid, or will pay again

But if we stay, we’ll make you a day

Like no day has been or will be again

If we go away, don’t make us go away, we will stay

‘If you stay’, by the Egyptian people

But if you stay, on this day

You’ll turn it to winter, all miserable and grey

But if you go, we’ll make our own way

Like free people have, and will do again

We’ll bask in the sun, and endure the rain

We’ll forge our own fate, with our own hands

Don’t leave it too late, before you understand

The and people are not a ‘single hand’

If you stay, we’ll tell you, go away, go away, go away

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