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Remembering Jewish Arabists and Arab Jews

By Khaled Diab In these polarised times, the social, political and cultural influence and fluid identities of Arab Jews and Jewish Arabists is largely forgotten when it should be commemorated and celebrated. A scene from Togo Mizrahi’s al-Izz Bahdala (1937)…

The road less travelled: Navigating without algorithms

By Christian Nielsen As I embark on my summer travels, I have resolved to ignore the recommended routes on my satnav and to get off the beaten track. Join me. Tuesday 10 July 2018 Literature and popular culture are littered…

Islam for Donald Trump and the politically incorrect

Mr Trump, if you really want to know “what the hell is going on” with Islam, I invite you and all the other bigots out there to join me on a mind-expanding journey through Islam(s), passing through the main thoroughfares and back alleys of history, society, culture, politics, theology and, above all, people.

Give Donald Trump a Nobel prize

It is outrageous that the fake news media is not outraged that Donald Trump has been left empty handed at this year’s Nobel awards. This oversight must be rectified next year.

Multilingualism: The power of Babel

Speaking foreign languages broadens our horizons and can act as an antidote against toxic xenophobia.

FICTION: Escaping terror firma, Part 2 – Breaking out of the fish bowl

We live in a fish bowl. It would be more likely for a pink elephant to fall out of the sky than for me to get Faris alone somewhere. But the pink elephant somehow managed to land right next to me.

Lieberman, Netanyahu and Dr Strangelove

The appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Israel’s defence minister is like the plot of a nihlistic black comedy.

One man’s terrorist is another woman’s lover

The surreal “lovejacking” of an EgyptAir flight adds a new dimension to the western image of the Arab man: the hopeless romantic and dedicated lover.

Orientalism for kids

Despite the racism contained in Tintin and other classic children’s tales, I believe that children should be exposed to them.

Europe’s invisible “Islamisation”

The murderous Paris attacks have reignited fears of “Islamisation”. But Islamic civilisation is encoded in Europe’s cultural and intellectual DNA.