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Gaza’s endless catch-22s

By Khaled Diab Israel will not lift its blockade of Gaza until Hamas is removed from power, but Hamas will not fall so long as there is a blockade. This is just one of the many tragic, circular paradoxes in…

The shocking similarities between white supremacy and Islamist extremism

Despite their conviction that they are polar opposites, white supremacists and Islamist extremists share much in common, including a hatred for minorities and the enemies within, a persecution complex, and nostalgia for past glories.

The curious case of the Islamophobe who became a Muslim

Rather than being like a vegetarian who suddenly becomes a carnivore, a former Islamophobic politician’s conversion to Islam is more akin to a committed soda beverage drinker switching from Coca Cola to Pepsi.

Confessions of a ‘self-hating Arab’

Only self-hating Arabs and Jews can save the Middle East from itself.