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Living robots and the meaning of life

By Khaled Diab The advent of ‘living robots’, or biobots, not only poses grave risks for which we must be prepared but also raises profound questions about the future and what it means to be human. Tuesday 10 March 2020…

إعترافات ملحد مصري

رغم عدم الإعتراف بهم، الملحدين ايضاً اولاد بلد ويجب على الدولة والمجتمع ان يعطوهم حقوقهم

Religious freedom from birth

Unlike eye colour and skin tone, religion is not hereditary. This reality must be reflected in Egyptian identity documents and personal status laws.

Natural born warriors

Does scientific evidence that war is hardwired into human society mean that we are doomed to live in perpetual conflict?

Survival of the nicest

The emerging notion that genes can be ‘selfless’ as well as ‘selfish’ suggests that working for the greater good is natural.