The road less travelled, part III: The cycle of life in Groningen

By Christian Nielsen

Christian Nielsen’s road trip along the scenic route this summer takes him to Groningen where life cycles mellowly by in its car-free zones.

Photo: ©Christian Nielsen

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Summer smiles on Wednesday worshippers …

Cosy cottages share space with snug shops on Church Lane

Students sing the tunes of youth

Po-going to the beat on Market Square

Ice-creams melt, bells break the waves

Dogs dive into cooling canals

Bobbing barges, picnics, party cruisers

Bikes abound, bikes just everywhere …

I jotted down these impressions at the Lutje Kerklaan B&B. Groningen is Europe’s “two-wheeled capital“, according to Monocle. Today, nearly two-thirds of all journeys in the city are made by bicycle, partly thanks to an €85-million cycling strategy.


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