The road less travelled, part III: The cycle of life in Groningen

By Christian Nielsen

Christian Nielsen’s road trip along the scenic route this summer takes him to where life cycles mellowly by in its car-free zones.

Photo: ©Christian Nielsen

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Summer smiles on Wednesday worshippers …

Cosy cottages share space with snug shops on Church Lane

Students sing the tunes of

Po-going to the beat on Market Square

Ice-creams melt, bells break the waves

Dogs dive into cooling canals

Bobbing barges, picnics, party cruisers

Bikes abound, bikes just everywhere …

I jotted down these impressions at the Lutje Kerklaan B&B. Groningen is ’s “two-wheeled capital“, according to Monocle. Today, nearly two-thirds of all journeys in the city are made by bicycle, partly thanks to an €85-million cycling strategy.


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