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The ghettoisation of Danish politics

By Khaled Diab The Danish government plans to force minorities out of what it classes as “ghettos”, but its Denmark’s mainstream that needs to escape its ghetto mentality. Friday 13 July 2018 While America separates migrant children from their parents…

Enslaved by history

Failing to acknowledge the legacy of slavery on all our modern societies makes the present an unnecessary slave to history.

Israeli freedom riders

Following the successful Palestinian ‘freedom rides’, it’s time for Israeli ‘freedom riders’ to cross the barriers between the two peoples.

Next stop: freedom?

an ‘freedom riders’ defiantly boarded a bus to Jerusalem. So is the next stop for the Palestinian struggle a mass civil rights movement?

Sexual harassment: No online way out

   By Osama Diab Blogging won’t raise awareness about sexual harassment more than it already has. We must focus our efforts on lobbying the government to do more.  Monday 20 June 2011 Today is a day dedicated to blogging about sexual…