Mosul’s lost diversity

December 2014 – The Islamic State’s (ISIS) destruction of Mosul’s ethnic diversity is more heart-breaking than the erasure of its architectural and cultural heritage.

The dangers of a political crusade against Western jihadists

September 2014 – Inflammatory rhetoric and a solely punitive approach to Western jihadists is only likely to make matters worst, and could threaten multiculturalism.

Bush, Blair en de blitzkrieg in Irak

Juni 2014 – Gezien de verreikende gevolgen van de Amerikaanse invasie van Irak, laten we het idee om Bush en Blair voor het gerecht te brengen nieuw leven inblazen.

Criminally reckless in Iraq

June 2014 – The US invasion and occupation caused Iraq to implode into anarchy and then explode into civil war. For that reason, its architects must be prosecuted.

How iSlam made the West cool

May 2013 – Those who fear Muslim influence should raise a glass to the Sultan of Style when they freshen up, don the latest fashions or enjoy dining out.

Hitler: Arab hero or villain

May 2013 – A shop called Hitler in Egypt raises some uncomfortable questions about Arab perceptions of the Nazi dictator.

A brief history of Western ‘jihadists’

April 2013 – From Guy Fawkes and Lord Byron to Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell, Westerners have an ancient tradition of doing ‘jihad’ in foreign lands.

Gay pride (and prejudice) through the ages

February 2013 – Historic examples of homosexuality being tolerated by Judaism, Christianity and Islam can help overcome homophobia and reinvent these faiths.

The Arab world’s missed opportunities

November 2012 – Early Arab rejectionism and division unwittingly helped to build Israel and to lose Palestine, with the Palestinian people paying the heavy price.

The Mubarak regime’s legalised robbery

September 2012 – Since the ‘Mubarak mafia’ were not outlaws but were the law, proving that Egypt’s lost billions were ill-gotten is an elusively difficult challenge.

Spartan Olympics

August 2012 – In an era of economic austerity, we must revive the idea of a permanent venue for the Olympics, which would also help to de-politicise the games.

The last word in music

July 2012 – It was the last word in music, and turned words into music. The WORD, which defied the decline in print media with wit, edge and artistry, is no more.

David Miliband: revolution v extremism

July 2011 – Britain’s former foreign minister David Miliband has high hopes for the Arab revolutions.

Not so simply red

December 2010 – The Simply Red lead singer’s admission that he slept with thousands of women shatters one longstanding ginger stereotype, but discrimination against redheads goes way back.

The rise of far-right politics on both sides of the Atlantic

November 2010 – On KALW’s weekly media round table, Khaled Diab took part in a radio debate on the rise of far-right politics on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Arab man’s burden

November 2010 – Some in the west are more likely to believe in elves in Middle Earth than in Arab men in the Middle East who are secular and do not oppress women.

For a questionable cause

October 2010 – Should organisations raising money for foreign militaries or to perpetuate occupations enjoy charitable status?

A shop window on Egyptian history

September 2010 – The buyers of Harrods are reportedly planning to take over Egypt’s oldest department store, Omar Effendi, whose story mirrors Egypt’s modern history.

Europe’s hidden terror menace

July 2010 – The fifth anniversary of the 7 July attacks has refocused attention on Islamist terrorism, but the neo-Nazi threat goes largely unnoticed.

Making globalisation pay

February 2010 – Big corporations are using the banking crisis as an excuse for exploiting cheap labour. Is it time for a global minimum wage?

What a queer language

January 2010 – From ‘gay girls’ to ‘shagging flies’, the changing meaning of English words causes no end of confusion.

Tis the season to be sociable

December 2009 – The British are famously reserved, but so are the Belgians. Let’s break the ice and make the public sphere more friendly.

Bugging the culinary operating system

September 2009 – Elevating food to celebrity status has turned the theory of motivation upside. It’s time to stick one up the foodies.

Faith and desire in Albert Square

August 2009 – EastEnders is breaking new ground on gay issues by exploring what happens when Muslim boy meets boy – but marries girl.

New model citizens

August 2009 – Tougher naturalisation laws are counterproductive. What we need is to redefine our understanding of citizenship.

TV’s desperate Muslim romantics

August 2009 – Sexual relationships among ethnic minorities offer richer dramatic pickings than cliched stories about arranged marriage.

What about the Western warlords?

July 2009 – Cherie Blair’s chastisement of the African Union for not co-operating with the International Criminal Court is pretty rich coming from the wife of a man many believe is a war criminal.

Equality: not even in death

July 2009 – Tragic as the deaths of young British soldiers in Afghanistan are, why is the media not mourning Afghan civilian casualties?

Losing the plot

July 2009- Wacky conspiracy theories cause damage by drawing attention away from the real plots being hatched by our governments.

All continents on the Western Front

November 2008 – It is time European countries acknowledged the part soldiers from their former colonies played in the First World War.